The Pink Picnic

Salford's annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans plus (LGBT+) Pride Celebration

Salford's annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT+) Pride Celebration.

The Pink Picnic started in 2011. It was first put on with the assistance of Salix Homes working in partnership with their Customer LGBT focus group.

The group thought it would be good to hold an event to bring people together for a fun afternoon and so the idea of the picnic was agreed. It was envisaged that around 15 or so people might come to the event but it attracted around 120 people on the day.

Following the success of the Picnic, the planning committee agreed that it should look to deliver The Pink Picnic as an annual event. In 2012 we invited various partners to the event as well as some acts to entertain people, all on a very small budget. We thought we might get around 200 visitors on the day but had in excess of 400 people attend the picnic.

After the success of 2012 the event grew to include a main stage, a bar and food tent and a partner agency marquee. People were kept entertained by a variety of live acts on the main stage as well as a falconry display, sporting activities, a climbing wall and a bouncy castle. Over 1000 people turned out for the event from all over the North West, making it an enjoyable day for all.

In 2014, there was in the region of 1,700-2,000 people attending the event. Despite the bad weather at the 2015 event people came armed with umbrella's and poncho's and had an enjoyable day in the park. Due to redevelopment of Peel Park the Pink Picnic 2016 was cancelled. The event returned in 2017 turning the meadow pink. The day was a huge success despite bad weather, that didn't stop guests partying in the park.  After a successful year in 2017 the event returned to Peel Park in 2018 after 2 years away. The event attracted over 3000 people who enjoyed the sun and the entertainment throughout the day celebrating equality, diversity and inclusion in Salford. We have recognised that there is a need for the Picnic and now in our 8th year we hope to make the Picnic even more special.

It is the groups’ intention that this event remain FREE for as long as possible for the people of Salford and wider areas, to enjoy and partake in. It is the groups medium to long term aim to see if The Pink Picnic can become a recognised national Pride event that will be held in Central Salford for the considerable future.

The Picnic is organised by a team made up of volunteers from the LGBT community in Salford. One of the groups aims is to help make neighbourhoods in Salford a safe and friendly place to live, work and enjoy social activities together by building community cohesion. 

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